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Rental Policy
You know the old saying, "Renting is easy! Living is Hard!"? Well, we do our best to make your movie-watching as smooth as an opening tracking shot in a Scorsese film. Here are our policies. Find the option that works best for you!

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Store Location
302 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

Store Hours
Mon - Thur: 10am - 11pm
Fri: 10am - Midnight
Sat: Noon - Midnight
Sun: Noon - 11pm

Renting a Movie
OK... so it's your first time in the store and you're overjoyed that we had both your favorite Lone Wolf and Cub samurai film and a Noam Chomsky documentary. What next? Come on up to the counter and we'll show you! For all of the following options, you need a valid picture ID and either a credit card or check as a deposit in order to rent here...


Monthly Membership
$24.95 - Get one rental at a time with no late fees
$39.95 - Get two rentals at a time with no late feeLifetime Membership

Annual Membership
This is our most popular. For $29.95 you can rent at $3.56 (plus tax) for two days, call and reserve a movie so it's waiting here for you when you come in, get two day rentals and get a punch card which gives you one free rental a month for a year, which more than makes up for the cost of the membership. If you don't like renewing every year, you can obtain a Lifetime Membership.

Lifetime Membership
For $50 you also rent at $3.56 (plus tax) for two days, you can reserve videos and also enjoy the membership special of two day rentals. You also get a punch card that gives you 24 free rentals to use up, 2 a month for one year, and you'll always get a free rental on your birthday.

For either Annual or Lifetime memberships, your free rentals are cumulative, meaning if you skip a month, you can use it the next month.

If you choose to not purchase a membership, you can rent as a non-member at $4.57 for two days. You will need a current legal I.D. and a credit card or check deposit to sign up.

Special Deal
Rent 3 DVDs or videos, get 3 days instead of 2 (some restrictions apply). Rental items are due 3 days after rental date by closing time. If returned after closing time or the next day, extra day charges weill accreue daily.


All video stores require some type of security deposit. We allow either your credit card number or a check on file as your deposit. Balances for all rentals are subject to immediate charge against your security deposit.

Due Date for Videos and DVDs
text Rentals are due two days after you rented them by closing (11pm Sun-Thurs, 12am Fri-Sat), unless you've rented 3 or more items (see above "Special Deal"). Extra day charges of $3.56 for members or $4.57 for non-members accrue every two days. Please check with the clerk before you leave to make sure you have the correct return date. If they are dropped into our night slot after we've closed on the day it is due, or if it is returned the next day, the tape is considered late and a late charge of $3.23 a day for members or $4.39 a day for non members is put onto your account and is due. Accumulated late charges may be charged onto your credit card.


DVD Player Rentals and Rates
Subject to availability we can offer portable DVD players, complete with necessary cables. One free DVD rental of your choice is included. In order to rent, you must allow a security deposit hold on your credit card of $250. Rental fees are $6.95 daily and $29.95 weekly. Late fees are $6.95 per day for equipment. All region DVD player rentals are $8.95 for 2-day rentals and $29.95 weekly.

Special Orders and DVDs For Sale
Do you have a tape you'd like to order? Go to the "Buy" button at the bottom of this page and you can order online. If you prefer, we can usually order the tape for you and have it ready and waiting at our counter within 10-14 days, depending on availability. Just give us a call at 310-392-8508 and tell us you'd like to make a special order. We'll need a credit card number for deposit.

We not only have great alternative titles for rent, Vidiots is now a great place to come in and buy a specially picked selection of DVDs. Even though you can always order titles from us, now you can come in and browse our sale section of over 200 DVDs, including films like "Donnie Darko-Director's Cut", deluxe edition of "Dogtown and Z-Boys" and "Bad Lieutenant." These are great choices for presents or to add to your own library.

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